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Cover Art - Midnight Kisses - October 2010

A kiss at midnight. A love for all time?

His faith shattered by loss, Daniel Buchanan has built a cocoon around his heart, spending his days counseling troubled teens. But his life changes the night he meets Renée Walker. The dedicated social worker reawakens something in him, her kisses igniting a firestorm of desire that takes the widowed minister by surprise.

After being left at the altar, Renée isn’t ready to love and lose again. But how can she fight such a powerful attraction? Spending time with this caring, sensual man and his close-knit family is starting to make her believe in second chances. Alone together in a tropical sanctuary of passion and healing, will Renée and Daniel find the love they desperately crave?

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Midnight Kisses....coming in October

Hi All
Just wanted to say hi to everyone and let you know what’s been going on. I’ve completed Midnight Kisses (originally called Whispers at Midnight) and awaiting edits from my editor. As soon as I get permission from her, I’ll share the very, very, sexy cover of Midnight Kisses, my October 2010 release. However, I’ve posted the back blurb below. “By Her Command” (June 2010), my story, in the Parker Publishing anthology has also been completed and I’ve also received and completed my edits. As soon as I get the cover art, I’ll let your know. Here is the blurb which appears on the cover of Midnight Kisses:

His faith shattered by loss, Daniel Buchanan has built a cocoon around his heart, spending his days counseling troubled teens. But his lonely life changes the night he meets Renee Walker. The dedicated social worker reawakens something in him, her kisses igniting a firestorm of desire that takes the widowed minister by surprise.

Thanks for your continued support!

As I write this I’ve started work on Tempted By The Doctor, Troy Whitehall and Sandra Walters’ story. This is going to be a sexy battle of wits story. And remember Sandra hates doctors! 2010 will be an exciting year for me. I’ll be at the Romance Writers of American conference in July/August and looking forward to being with my colleagues and seeing readers who live in the city.

After being left at the altar, Renee isn’t ready to love and lose again. But how can she fight such a powerful attraction? Spending time with this caring, sensual man and his close-knit family is starting to make her believe in second chances. Alone together in a tropical sanctuary of passion and healing, will Renee and Daniel find the love they desperately crave?

A kiss at midnight. A love for all time?

Sunday, January 10, 2010



  • SWORN TO SILENCE - Linda Castillo - St. Martin's Minotaur (Linda has always been one of my favorite authors. I've devoured her catagory books and her single title....but her move to hardcover is impressive. A gritty suspense set in the Amish world. I love it!
  • I CAN SEE YOU - Karen Rose - Grand Central Publishing (No one does romantic suspense better.
  • THE UNEXPECTED HERO - Rachel Lee - Silhouette Romantic Suspense (One of my favorite series take place in Conard County and when Rachel Lee returned to her roots with this series in 2008, I knew I'd be hooked. This second entry in the return to Conard County is quinesential Lee. Wonderfully romantic with the right touch of suspense.
  • TOUCH OF HEAVEN - Maureen Smith - Kimani Romance (Maureen is my absolute favorite author. She has never written a bad book; each new one demonstrating her continued growth as an author. Her suspense are my favorites, but Touch of Heaven, a straight romance, just drew me in with its wit and emotion - A perfect, sexy romance!)
  • SIZZLING SEDUCTION - Gwyneth Bolton - Kimani Romance (I love Gwyneth, not only as a person, but an authors. She writes the kind of romance I enjoy and the final book in the Hightower series just....sizzles.
  • BLACK HILLS - Nora Roberts - Putman (After a few just good releases, Nora Roberts hits her stride again with Black Hills. I read it in one day and hated when I closed the last page. How does she keep doing it?
  • DAKOTA CHILD - Linda Ford - Love Inspired Historical (I love my sexy, hot books, but the Love Inspired line faces me to focus on my often shaky relationship with God. Add a line up of talented authors (I'm enjoyed every single LIH release), a excellent story telling and two releases each month (I read them first), and LIH is a line no one should miss.

Favorite Book Series

  • THE PERFECT TRILOGY (The Perfect Couple, The Perfect Murder, The Perfect Liar)- Brenda Novak

  • Star Trek
  • Sherlock Holmes
  • Precious
  • The Princess & The Frog

  • Law & Order Special Victims Unit
  • The Closer
  • So You Think You Can Dance?


First of all, let me wish everyone a Blessed New Year! 2009 has passed and we’ve entered a new year. It’s a time for change and a time to embrace the possibilities. 2009 was a trying year for me…as an author and in my professional life as a teacher. I know 2010 will be much much better. I dream of writing full time, but as most individuals know, though writing make your life a lot more comfortable, it can’t pay the bills…unless you have one of those contract that make in possible. Until I can get into the single title market, I can’t see that happening in the near future. However, until then, I’m happy to write for Kimani Romance.


During 2009, after taking a year’s break from writing in 2008, I received a new three-book contract from Kimani Romance and one from Parker Publishing for a novella. The novella will be part of a NAUGHTY GIRLS IN BADGES anthology scheduled for publication in June 2010, My novella is By Her Command, a story which I really enjoyed writing and one which challenged me as a writer. I’ve always written stories between 250 – 300 pages and this one was 75 pages. I could not image writing a complete love story in 75 pages, but I did it and my editor says she loves it!!!

After By Her Command, October 2010 will see the release of MIDNIGHT KISSES, the third book in the Buchanan Brothers series. MIDNIGHT KISSES is Daniel Buchanan’s story and is a story of love and healing. Three years after the death of his wife and daughter, Daniel still grieves for them, but then he meets Renee Walker. Renee challenges him to embrace his healing, love the person he has become and take a second chance on love. I believe that MIDNIGHT KISSES is my best story today and hope readers love it as much as I do.

In 2011, two stories will follow. Troy and George, two secondary characters from my Knight Trilogy, will have their own stories. I'm currently working on TEMPTING TROY!


Remember to continue to visit Romance in Color, a website I created over ten years ago to support African-American romance authors., and features interviews, reviews and ratings of book as far back as 1999. I’ve always been an advocate for the AA romance and RIC has been my vehicle to do this.

Be sure to also visit the Kimani forum in the Harlequin Community where readers and authors come together to discuss the books from this wonderful line. While I love the fact that readers support me here, I believe that we need to also support the authors collectively and the Kimani forum is a great place to do this. During 2010, I have some special plans. I’m hoping to have all of the Kimani Hotties in to discuss their contribution to this wonderful multi-author promotion. Carmen Green will be our first guest in 2010. In February, there will be a special.

Kimani/Desire chat with Brenda Jackson to celebrate the release of the 2000th Silhouette Desire. Ms. Jackson has been given this honor and this is a clear indication of the success of the AA authors. Authors like Brenda, Rochelle Alers, Donna Hill and Gwynne Forster continue to create wonderfully written romances which exemplify the best in romance writing.


In July 2010, I will be in Nashville to attending the Romance Writers of American annual conference and look forward to seeing my authors friends and others who are members of the organization.


In a few months, my new website will launch along with other online resources to assist with counting down to my 2010 releases. I’m working on bringing something bold and vivid that reflects my personality and the kind of stories I like to write. I’ll post the cover art as soon as I get copies of them.

I would like to thank all those who continue to support me and look forward to bring more joy into your lives. God bless and may you have a year filled with happiness, love and joy!

Thursday, November 09, 2006


In the past few weeks, I've been honored to be inverviewed by two author friends of mine. You can find the interviews here:

By my fellow author/friend, Gwyneth Bolton:


By my RWA Chapter author/friends, Debra Parlmey:


I've recently been offered a new contract with Harlequin Kimani Romance for a trilogy, THE KNIGHTS OF BARBADOS, which will follow the lives and loves of siblings, Shayne, Russell and Tamara Knight.

Book One, ONE GENTLE KNIGHT, will be on sale in July 2007, and is the story of older brother, Shayne Knight. Three months after a "No Strings Attached" weekend with the lovely Carla Nevins, plantation owner Shayne Knight discovers he's going to be a father.

Book Two, TO LOVE A KNIGHT, will go on sale November 2007, and will feature sister, Tamara Knight.

Book Three, ALWAYS A KNIGHT (or A KNIGHT TO REMEMBER), will feature younger brother Russell Knight and will be released in early 2008.

After that, I'll be working on the final Buchanan Brother's story, CHASING RAINBOWS. Readers will discover what happened to Daniel Buchanan after his wife and child die and he loses his faith. CHASING RAINBOWS will be my first inspirational fiction title.


If I exclude a short period in my late teens, I’ve been a romance reader from the age of thirteen. In the more that almost thirty years of reading romance, I’ve discover several gems that I sometime revisit because of the impact they have had on my life as a individual who lives in a world that’s far from perfect.

Below are two of my all time favorites African-American romance and a few honorable mentions:

Brenda Jackson’s ONE SPECIAL MOMENT is, in my opinion, the author’s best work and still sits in its rightful place on “My Keeper Shelf”. It possesses all the hallmarks of Ms. Jackson’s work. Intense passion, sensual romance, intriguing main characters, and a fluency of prose that makes any Jackson’s romance a special reading experience.

AGAINST THE WIND by Gwynne Forster explores the nature of interracial relationships. A quote of a review I wrote of this book sums up my love for this masterpiece.“Ms. Forster’s forté has always been the complex characters she creates. Ms. Forster delves deep into the minds of her protagonists, revealing every nuance of their personality, peeling every layer away until they stand before the reader exposed and vulnerable. In AGAINST THE WIND, it is Ms. Forster’s hero whose very soul is bared. There is something special about Jordan Saber—a man who’s gentle, understanding, and who knows what he wants in life—Leslie Collins.”

Of course, there are more I can add to this list, but space does not permit me to do this. I will, however, add a few honorable mentions. Monica Jackson’s NEVER TO LATE TO LOVE, Beverley Jenkins’ INDIGO and Carmen Green’s DOCTOR, DOCTOR.

Just a few of my favorite romance novels. Want to share your favorites?

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Cover Art - Embracing the Moonlight

The second book in my Buchanan Brother's series will be released in September 2006 from Harlequin Kimani Romance. I hope you enjoy Mason and Lianne's story!
When Mason Sinclair visits the island of Barbados, he hopes to discover more about the father and brothers he has never known. Injured in the line of duty, Mason finds that the island is the perfect place to recover and make a decision about his future. However, he never expects to meet Lianne Thomas, a woman with secrets of her own, or fall hopelessly in love….

Celebrating Life!

I celebrated my 44th birthday on Tuesday, May 2nd, and realised that I'm enjoying growing old. Not old in the sense of aging physically, but the comfort in reaching a level of maturity that helps to define the person I am.

Over the weekend, I attended a retreat with several men from my church. It was a time of spiritual reflection and growth. I came away feeling truly strenghtened, recognising my purpose on this earth.

I thank God for letting me see another day and know that He'd not finished with me yet.

My journey of self-discovery has not been as easy one, but I know who I am because I'm becoming the man I want to be.


Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Rembering It's A New Year!

I haven't blogged in a while here, but I promise that as of today, I'll be adding a post each Sunday to start the week.

2005 was a wonderful year for me. I attended my first RWA Conference, my first book, Capture the Sunrise, was released and Harlequin purchased BET Books. I'm now officially a Harlequin author. I was pleasantly suprised when the Community Manager at eharlequin.com asked me to be the host for the new
Kimani area, a job I absoultely love.

My sophmore effort, EMBRACE THE MOONLIGHT, will be released in September of this year as part of the new Kimani Romance line. It's the second in my Buchanan Brothers series.

I'm working on my third release right now. ONE GENTLE KNIGHT is the first in a three book series, "The Knights of Barbados". TO LOVE A KNIGHT and ALWAYS A KNIGHT will follow. I have no release date yet, but I'll be sure to let you know when my editor informed me.

Just over a month ago, I attended Romance Slam Jam, the annual coming together of African American authors and readers. I'm proud to say that I won the Emma Award for "Favorite New Author!"

Thanks to all those who voted for me.


Friday, October 21, 2005


It's just after midnight here on the island of Barbados and I've been trying to work on doing a final edit of my sophmore novel, Embrace the Moonlight, but I've been unable to do much.

Today, a week after SLOW MOTION, first appeared in the bookstores, I held a copy of it for the first time; almost two years after I received the call from Demetria Lucas at the former BET Books...

To say that holding your first published work in your hand is an emotional experince does little to explain the intensity of emotion and sense of accomplishment of that simple tactile act.

In the past two years, I've experiences a range of emotion at each stage of my journey to publication. There is pride and all the other human feelings that anyone who has fulfiled a lifelong dream is expected to feel.

But most of all...I feel humbled by the wonder of the gift of storytellling with which God has blessed me. Capture the Sunrise is a story I've wanted to write for years. It's a story of pain and tears, but it's also about healing and forgiveness and the awesome power of love.

I hope that all who read SLOW MOTION, and each of the stories, enjoy it.

Of course, SLOW MOTION, would not be complete if the talented Devon Vaughn Archer (aka R. Barri Flowers) had not made his contribution with Dark and Dashing - a wonderful love that I know you'll enjoy.

Who says men can't write romance?


Yesterday, I recieve a copy of the review of SLOW MOTION that will appear in the December issue of Romantic Times....

Review, Debbie R. Sims, give it a 4.5 star rating and also assigned it a TOP PICK!! Here is the review that will appear:

Slow Motion
Wayne Jordan &Devon Vaughn Archer
4.5 Stars

Capture the Sunrise,” by Jordan, centers on Taurean Buchanan and Alana Smyth-Connell — kindred souls who meet when they’re given use of a friend’s beach house in Barbados. Both bear emotional and physical scars after being battered by life. They heal by helping each other to get past the turmoil in their lives. The lush background of the seaside beach house, colorful secondary characters and the slow, steady development of their relationship satisfy.In Archer’s

“Dark and Dashing,” inn owner Conneca Sheridan raises her hand to scratch an itch during a charity auction and accidentally bids $5,000 for an evening with author Maurice Templeton. Intrigued by Conneca, Maurice stays at her inn while completing his latest collaboration with his ex-wife. The tale they’re writing is interwoven into this story so well that it’s almost like reading two at once. Conneca and Maurice are drawn to each other, and their antics — sometimes comical and sometimes emotionally defensive — help readers cheer their accomplishments and boo interferences.

Spellbinding stories, well-developed characters and warm, spirit-lifting romances are Jordan’s and Archer’s gift to readers. “Can men write romance?” In the case of these two, the answer is an authoritative yes! Definitely a keeper, and one to read over and over. (Nov., 355 pp., $15.00)

Debbie R. Sims


I received several reviews of Capture the Sunrise, but on 5th November, I received my first award from Road to Romance website. Below is a copy of the review:

SLOW MOTION: Capture The Sunrise

To heal, we sometimes have to get away from the world, people we know and just be on our own. This is such the case for Taurean Buchanan and Alana Smyth-Connell. For two different, yet similar reasons they are both in Barbados, away from everything familiar and forge a friendship that leads to love…

Taurean Buchanan headed to Barbados to heal from betrayal that makes his belief in others miniscule. He knows to heal he needs to learn to trust himself, others and his heart again, and to learn how to forgive. His scarred soul cries for the strength to move on, but he feels that he may never get over the past.

Alana Smyth-Connell and her daughter, Melissa, are in Barbados for an entirely different reason. On the run from Alana’s ex-husband, Blake, Alana hopes for a new life with her daughter, one free of abuse and danger. Alana and Melissa both need to heal emotionally, spiritually and mentally from the past, yet Alana still fears that Blake will find her.

Taurean meets Alana and Melissa on the island and his protective instincts kick in, but how can he protect them if he can’t trust himself, or free himself from his past? They forge a friendship while they also try to fight the attraction between them. But, Alana feels overwhelmed by the feelings she has for Taurean, and leaves the island. Will Taurean find her again, or will he have to let her go? Can three tortured souls find the solace they need within one another?

Capture the Sunrise is a story that makes a reader smile, cry and even pray. I became very much wrapped in the characters lives, their fears, their dreams and the love and friendship that blossomed. Young Melissa is a gem and an enjoyable part of the story. This is a powerful tale with amazing characters, an adrenaline rush of a plot, a setting that leaps off the pages from the author’s descriptions of it and a romance that makes a heart sing and even bleed. Not only does the beautiful setting of Barbados sweep a reader into it, but the characters also make this story one to be read over and over again. We watch Alana and Taurean grow in this story and the author’s pens them with perfection. They are multi-faceted characters with strength, determination, and hearts that simply connect with the reader. They were very realistic and memorable characters. I truly enjoyed them all and hope to see them again someday. Perhaps in Mr. Jordan’s next Buchanan tale I hope!

Capture the Sunrise receives The Road to Romance Reviewer’s Choice Award for all the above and more. If I didn’t know beforehand that Capture the Sunrise was Wayne Jordan’s first book, I would never have guessed. It captures the essence of love, captures the beauty of an island that comes to life in a reader’s hands, and it captures the heart of the reader. Plus, Mr. Jordan’s writing simply captures his audience. Well done!

Reviewed by Tracey West for The Road to Romance
October 1, 2005