Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Celebrating Life!

I celebrated my 44th birthday on Tuesday, May 2nd, and realised that I'm enjoying growing old. Not old in the sense of aging physically, but the comfort in reaching a level of maturity that helps to define the person I am.

Over the weekend, I attended a retreat with several men from my church. It was a time of spiritual reflection and growth. I came away feeling truly strenghtened, recognising my purpose on this earth.

I thank God for letting me see another day and know that He'd not finished with me yet.

My journey of self-discovery has not been as easy one, but I know who I am because I'm becoming the man I want to be.



Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday Wayne.

Alvin C. Romer said...

Another Happy Belated Birthday to you Wayne! Realizing your worth and understanding the vestiges of maturing is a wonderful thing, albeit at times in this day and age it's easy to become a by-product of the environment. We writers have an edge, in the sense that we have escapism and the force of the written word, be it in the creation of them or the essence of reading. It is this option of imagery and imposing literary fortitude that will always nurture the muse.

Becoming the man you feel you need to be amid the backdrop of paradise is not a bad thing, and we wish you well...just keep the ink flowing and don't forget to keep your head to the sky!

Alvin C. Romer

Rita Rip!! said...

Great testimony Wayne! If you believe it, you shall receive it! No webpage yet, only an email address.

Rae said...

Happy belated birthday, Wayne. I agree with Alvin and Rita. I wish you well and cannot wait for your book. =)

Anonymous said...

Hello Wayne

I am Marie. We met at the NCF Arts Symposium on Saturday.

I purchased your Book today from Island Newsstand, DaCosta Mall.

Would you believe the salesman answer when I asked for a novel written by a Barbadian?

"We don't don't carry Barbadian Books here"

How on earth can a local business not carry books of its own?

Anyway, I was totally annoyed. He showed me the Roman Novel Shelf after I explained that you are published Internationally through Harlequin. He then pointed me to the Harlequin Shelf.

I browsed every Book Cover on that shelf, none of which was yours.

I finally decided since he didn't know the book, I might as well check another time.

However, on my way out, I started browing Magazines. And Lo, and behold this Lay appears to have returned from Lunch. I walked over to her fearlessly, as she placed her bag behind the counter while standing in front ot it.

I explained to her that I am looking for a Romance Novel written by a Barbadian Writer - Wayne Jordan. She pointed it out to me almost instantaneously.

I was so relieved that at least she knew about you. She then explained that she didn't know until a young lady came in and asked for it.

On my way out, I asked the Guy if he's not proud that a Barbadian has been published internationally. He said yes, he's always happy when a Barbadian makes it. He surely didn't show it. He didn't even get up once, to help me find the book - it was a quite afternoon 2ish.

Can I please have it autographed?

I am at in the Engineering Dept at Hilton Hotel - Barbados.


Looking forward to having my book signed and tellingthe others about it. Which I've started to read once I got on the van.