Thursday, November 09, 2006


In the past few weeks, I've been honored to be inverviewed by two author friends of mine. You can find the interviews here:

By my fellow author/friend, Gwyneth Bolton:


By my RWA Chapter author/friends, Debra Parlmey:


I've recently been offered a new contract with Harlequin Kimani Romance for a trilogy, THE KNIGHTS OF BARBADOS, which will follow the lives and loves of siblings, Shayne, Russell and Tamara Knight.

Book One, ONE GENTLE KNIGHT, will be on sale in July 2007, and is the story of older brother, Shayne Knight. Three months after a "No Strings Attached" weekend with the lovely Carla Nevins, plantation owner Shayne Knight discovers he's going to be a father.

Book Two, TO LOVE A KNIGHT, will go on sale November 2007, and will feature sister, Tamara Knight.

Book Three, ALWAYS A KNIGHT (or A KNIGHT TO REMEMBER), will feature younger brother Russell Knight and will be released in early 2008.

After that, I'll be working on the final Buchanan Brother's story, CHASING RAINBOWS. Readers will discover what happened to Daniel Buchanan after his wife and child die and he loses his faith. CHASING RAINBOWS will be my first inspirational fiction title.


If I exclude a short period in my late teens, I’ve been a romance reader from the age of thirteen. In the more that almost thirty years of reading romance, I’ve discover several gems that I sometime revisit because of the impact they have had on my life as a individual who lives in a world that’s far from perfect.

Below are two of my all time favorites African-American romance and a few honorable mentions:

Brenda Jackson’s ONE SPECIAL MOMENT is, in my opinion, the author’s best work and still sits in its rightful place on “My Keeper Shelf”. It possesses all the hallmarks of Ms. Jackson’s work. Intense passion, sensual romance, intriguing main characters, and a fluency of prose that makes any Jackson’s romance a special reading experience.

AGAINST THE WIND by Gwynne Forster explores the nature of interracial relationships. A quote of a review I wrote of this book sums up my love for this masterpiece.“Ms. Forster’s forté has always been the complex characters she creates. Ms. Forster delves deep into the minds of her protagonists, revealing every nuance of their personality, peeling every layer away until they stand before the reader exposed and vulnerable. In AGAINST THE WIND, it is Ms. Forster’s hero whose very soul is bared. There is something special about Jordan Saber—a man who’s gentle, understanding, and who knows what he wants in life—Leslie Collins.”

Of course, there are more I can add to this list, but space does not permit me to do this. I will, however, add a few honorable mentions. Monica Jackson’s NEVER TO LATE TO LOVE, Beverley Jenkins’ INDIGO and Carmen Green’s DOCTOR, DOCTOR.

Just a few of my favorite romance novels. Want to share your favorites?

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Cover Art - Embracing the Moonlight

The second book in my Buchanan Brother's series will be released in September 2006 from Harlequin Kimani Romance. I hope you enjoy Mason and Lianne's story!
When Mason Sinclair visits the island of Barbados, he hopes to discover more about the father and brothers he has never known. Injured in the line of duty, Mason finds that the island is the perfect place to recover and make a decision about his future. However, he never expects to meet Lianne Thomas, a woman with secrets of her own, or fall hopelessly in love….

Celebrating Life!

I celebrated my 44th birthday on Tuesday, May 2nd, and realised that I'm enjoying growing old. Not old in the sense of aging physically, but the comfort in reaching a level of maturity that helps to define the person I am.

Over the weekend, I attended a retreat with several men from my church. It was a time of spiritual reflection and growth. I came away feeling truly strenghtened, recognising my purpose on this earth.

I thank God for letting me see another day and know that He'd not finished with me yet.

My journey of self-discovery has not been as easy one, but I know who I am because I'm becoming the man I want to be.


Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Rembering It's A New Year!

I haven't blogged in a while here, but I promise that as of today, I'll be adding a post each Sunday to start the week.

2005 was a wonderful year for me. I attended my first RWA Conference, my first book, Capture the Sunrise, was released and Harlequin purchased BET Books. I'm now officially a Harlequin author. I was pleasantly suprised when the Community Manager at asked me to be the host for the new
Kimani area, a job I absoultely love.

My sophmore effort, EMBRACE THE MOONLIGHT, will be released in September of this year as part of the new Kimani Romance line. It's the second in my Buchanan Brothers series.

I'm working on my third release right now. ONE GENTLE KNIGHT is the first in a three book series, "The Knights of Barbados". TO LOVE A KNIGHT and ALWAYS A KNIGHT will follow. I have no release date yet, but I'll be sure to let you know when my editor informed me.

Just over a month ago, I attended Romance Slam Jam, the annual coming together of African American authors and readers. I'm proud to say that I won the Emma Award for "Favorite New Author!"

Thanks to all those who voted for me.