Friday, August 26, 2005

Contest Coming Soon..

My first author Contest is coming soon...

Come back 1st September!


Diamond Taylor said...

Favorite Movies
1. All the Rush Hours
2. All the Bad Boys(love comedy)
3. The Color Purple
4. Ray( Jamie Foxx was amazing)
5. Grease
6. Holland Opus
7. Miracle Worker
8. Walking Tall (the Rock nough said)
9. Dirty Dancing
10. Hitch

Favorite Television Shows
1. The Apprentice
2. American Idol
3. America's Next Top Model
4. Law & Order SVU only
5. Everybody Loves Raymond
6. The Steve Harvey Show
7. Investigative Report
8. American Justice
9. Whose Line Is It Anway?
10. America's Most Wanted (hey what can I say I dig Cop shows)

Favorite Actors
1. Morris Chesstnut
2. Chis Tucker
3. Denzel(the Man who needs only one name)
4. Angela Bassett (fierce!)
5.Danny Glove
6. Jamie Foxx(Ray did it.)
7. John Travolta
8. Will Smith
9. Gabrille Union
10. Vivica A Fox

Sherice! Great Blog.

Wayne said...


Several of my favorites are also listed in yours. Of course, I only placed then so I had to leave some off. Mr. Holland's Hpus is definitely one of mine and Ray.

I'm not too much of a reality fan, but I do like and watch American Idol and The Apprentice and who can ignore sexy women (Top Model)

And Angela Basset is one wonderful actresss.


Dee said...

Hey Wayne! Had to pop over and say hi! Love the blog design!

Oh boy, movie faves? LOL, that would take a lot of thought. I like too many--big time movie freak here. :)

Can't wait to see your contest!

Gwynne Forster said...

Wayne, writing is like a good marriage. Most days, you're as happy as a little pig in hog heaven, but a lot of days, you're the little pig who can't find a trough. After ten years and 27 titles, it's mainly work; I'm getting paid, so I'm supposed to do a good job, and I do my best, headaches, eyestrain, carpel tunnel and burnout nothwithstanding. Yet, if I couldn't write, I don't know what I'd do. I write at my desk, in my bed, in busses, trains, planes, hotel, airports and railroad stations, and it never occurs to me to take leave from it. I never write fiction on Sunday, and by Monday morning, I'm itching to get back to the misery that I love.
So, Wayne, join the force. You have all the problems of a bona fide creative human being. Fondly, Gwynne Forster

princessdominique said...

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jon said...

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Good luck with your work and visit my Blog and web site when you have the opportunity.