Friday, August 26, 2005

A Few of My Favorite Things..

One of my favorite movies is The Sound of Music and when I visited Darrious D. Hilmon's website, I discover a listing of his favorite things and thought I'd do the same thing here.

Favorite Movies
1. Fatal Attraction
2. Love Jones
3. The Color Purple
4. Imitation of Life
5. Big Eden
6. Eve's Bayou (Debbie Morgan deserved an Oscar!)
7. The Sound of Music
8. The Talented Mr. Ripley
9. All the Die Hard Movies
10. All the Lethel Weapon Movies

Favorite Television Shows
1. The Wire
2. Will & Grace
3. Desperate Housewives
4. Law & Order
5. Knots Landing
6. NYPD Blue
7. The Practice
8. The early Ally McBeal
9. Oz
10. The West Wing (Yeah, the first three years)

Favorite Actors
1. Glenn Close
2. Morgan Freeman
3. Denzel
4. Meryl Streep
5.Holly Hunter
6. Regina King (Yes, she'll win!)
75. Stockard Channing
8. Hill Harper
9. Mel Gibson
10. Whoopie

Ok, so what are a few of your favorite things?


Darrious D. Hilmon said...

Wayne, I am humbled, and flattered that you thought enough of my book (DIVALICIOUS) to mention it in your blog. I look forward to reading your debut work. Congrats to you my friend...and welcome to the fold!!

Patsy Nelson said...

Ok Wayne, here are a few of my favorite things
1.Alien vs Predator
2.The Best Man
3.Soul Food
4.The bodyguard
5.Imitation of Life
6.Jurassic Park 1-3
7.The Fifth Element
8.It's A Wonderful Life
9.Purple Rain
10.What's Love Got to Do with it

Actors/ Actresses:
1.Terrence E. Howard
2.Morgan Freeman
3.Sanaa Lathan
4.Kimberly Elise
5.Ashley Judd
6.Morris Chestnut
7.Nia Long
8.Charlize Theron
9.Viveca Foxx
10.Denzel Washington

Musical Performers
1.Luther Vandross
2.Whitney Houston
4.Marvin Gaye
5.Michael Jackson
9.India Arie
10.Alicia Keys

1.Here and Now, Luther
2.I'll Always Love You, W. Houston
3.How Do I Live Without You,
Leanne Rimes
4.Fire & Desire, Rick James & Teena
5.Feel The Fire, Peabo Bryson
6.When A Man Loves A Woman,
Percy Sledge
7.Lifetime, Maxwell
8.My Girl, The Temptations
9.Silent Night, The Temptations
10.Dance With My Father, Luther

1.Until There Was You, Forever
Yours ~Francis Ray
2.Night Song, Topaz & Vivid
~Beverly Jenkins
3.Surrender, Thorne's Challenge
Fire & Desire, Secret Love, One Special Moment, Perfect Timing
~Brenda Jackson
4.With Open Arms~Kim Louise
5-Hidden Agenda, Vows,
~Rochelle Alers
6.All That and a Bag of Chips
~Darrien Lee
7.The Price of Passion,
~Evelyn Palfrey
8.God's Gift To Women
~Michael Baisden
9.Surrender to Love, Measure of
A Man, Deadly Double
~Adrianne Byrd
10~Whispers of Love, His 1-800 Wife
~Shirley Hailstock

Honorable Mention
A Royal Vow, Tamara Sneed
True Blue, Robyn Amos
Midnight Blue, Monica Jackson
Say No To Joe?, Lori Foster
A Man to Die For, Suz Brockmann


Patsy said...

I forgot my Favorite Models!
Yes, I can't forget these gorgeous men who bring my romance books to life.


I'm sure there are more, but these make you say HMMM! :-)

Anonymous said...

I haven't checked out your work yet but I will. Its good to know that another man is gettig into the romance industry.

These are a few of my favorite things...
1. Only Love
2. Scarface
3. The Thorn Birds
4. The Matrix (1st one only)
5. Soul Food
6. Shampoo
7. Heartburn
8. To Sir, with Love
9. Whatever Happened to Baby Jane
10. Cooley High

1. Meryle Streep
2. Al Pacino
3. Denzel Washington
4. Halle Barry
5. Robert DeNiro
6. Sidney Poitier
7. Cecelie Tyson
8. Lucille Ball
9. Carol O'Conner
10. Lou Gossett Jr.

Musicians: (I'm one too)
1. Sara Vaughn
2. Ella Fitzgerald
3. Wynton M.
4. Charlie Parker
5. Rebecca Paris
(so far all jazz performers like me)
6. Patti LaBelle
7. Phyliss Hyman
8. Luther Vandross
9. Eva Cassidy
10. Jimi Hyndrix

Authors and/or Books:
1. Nora Roberts (the queen)
2. Brenda Jackson
3. The Pact - book
4. Looking Out For #1 -book
5. Lucky -book
6. Anything by Eric Jerome Dickey
7. Once Is Not Enough - book
8. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn - book
9. Madame Bovery - book
10. Scarlett Letter -book

Rée said...

Wayne, I am catching up as I reading through your blog for the first time. So I am a couple of years late. That is nothing new for me. I am late for just about everything; unfortunately, I wont be late for ........ Anyway, these are a few of my favorite:

1. Most Westerns, especially Tombstone.
2. Stella got her groove back
3. Beauty Shop
4. Lord of the Rings (Trilogy)
5. Why did I get married?
6. Hustle and Flow
7. Rambo

1. Lorretta Devine
2. Lamar Rucker
3. Dennis Haysbert especially the voice
4. Val Kilmer as "Doc Holiday"
5. Terrence Howard
6. Morgan Freeman
7. Kim Elise

Musical Performers:
1. Jil Scott
2. Kindred
3. Luther Vandross
4. Seal
5. Queen Latifah (Travelin' Light)
6. War
7. Mandrill
8. Beyonce
9. Ludicious
10. James Brown
11. R. Kelley
12. Gerald Lavert (Live)
13. India Arie
14. All the Isley Bros.
15. Santana

1. Were would I be without you
2. Love won't let me wait
3. Are you going to be my girl?
4. Theme from Shaft
5. At Last
6. Stay by the Temptations
7. This is my Promise by the Temptations
8. Baby workout by Jackie Wilson
10. Tonight by Betty Wright
11. What's my name
12. Stairway to Heaven

1. Something like Love
2. Topaz
3. Madris Saga
4. Strange in my Arms
5. Some things I thought I'd never do
6. Adam and Eve

There is probably more I could add to each category, but that is all for now!