Friday, October 21, 2005


It's just after midnight here on the island of Barbados and I've been trying to work on doing a final edit of my sophmore novel, Embrace the Moonlight, but I've been unable to do much.

Today, a week after SLOW MOTION, first appeared in the bookstores, I held a copy of it for the first time; almost two years after I received the call from Demetria Lucas at the former BET Books...

To say that holding your first published work in your hand is an emotional experince does little to explain the intensity of emotion and sense of accomplishment of that simple tactile act.

In the past two years, I've experiences a range of emotion at each stage of my journey to publication. There is pride and all the other human feelings that anyone who has fulfiled a lifelong dream is expected to feel.

But most of all...I feel humbled by the wonder of the gift of storytellling with which God has blessed me. Capture the Sunrise is a story I've wanted to write for years. It's a story of pain and tears, but it's also about healing and forgiveness and the awesome power of love.

I hope that all who read SLOW MOTION, and each of the stories, enjoy it.

Of course, SLOW MOTION, would not be complete if the talented Devon Vaughn Archer (aka R. Barri Flowers) had not made his contribution with Dark and Dashing - a wonderful love that I know you'll enjoy.

Who says men can't write romance?


Sylvia Hubbard said...

Lawd, you aint' said a word I don't already know. I think men make great romance writers because the men that GET IT are passionate and true about romance, so when they do write it, it's like WOW.

Talk about your braingasm.

Congrats on your publishing success Wayne. My prayers are with you for more to come.

Mary Stella said...

Wayne, congratulations on your publishing success. I saw the great review in RT and thought, "Hey! I know that name from Romancing the Blog." I remember when I first received my author copies for the first book All Keyed Up. I held my breath, totally absorbed in the enormity of the moment. Then I shrieked and cried.

Enjoy the feeling.

Dee said...

Hey Wayne,

I'm finally getting back to blog-reading and I'm so thrilled for you with these great reviews! Many hugs on the WIP, and heck, just hugs all around!

Great work!

Dee said...

So glad for you, Wayne. Keep on doing your thing. Your success is well deserved and truly a gift.

Dee Stewart
Christian Fiction Blog

Anonymous said...

Wayne, congratulations for your Reviewer's Choice Award and Top Pick! What a way to begin. And what an awesome moment, holding your first book in your hands, seeing the real thing it's become. May it be the first of many more! - Charlene

Angela said...

Wayne, thanks for sharing your moment with us. I got a bit teary as I read. Congratulations!