Friday, October 21, 2005


Yesterday, I recieve a copy of the review of SLOW MOTION that will appear in the December issue of Romantic Times....

Review, Debbie R. Sims, give it a 4.5 star rating and also assigned it a TOP PICK!! Here is the review that will appear:

Slow Motion
Wayne Jordan &Devon Vaughn Archer
4.5 Stars

Capture the Sunrise,” by Jordan, centers on Taurean Buchanan and Alana Smyth-Connell — kindred souls who meet when they’re given use of a friend’s beach house in Barbados. Both bear emotional and physical scars after being battered by life. They heal by helping each other to get past the turmoil in their lives. The lush background of the seaside beach house, colorful secondary characters and the slow, steady development of their relationship satisfy.In Archer’s

“Dark and Dashing,” inn owner Conneca Sheridan raises her hand to scratch an itch during a charity auction and accidentally bids $5,000 for an evening with author Maurice Templeton. Intrigued by Conneca, Maurice stays at her inn while completing his latest collaboration with his ex-wife. The tale they’re writing is interwoven into this story so well that it’s almost like reading two at once. Conneca and Maurice are drawn to each other, and their antics — sometimes comical and sometimes emotionally defensive — help readers cheer their accomplishments and boo interferences.

Spellbinding stories, well-developed characters and warm, spirit-lifting romances are Jordan’s and Archer’s gift to readers. “Can men write romance?” In the case of these two, the answer is an authoritative yes! Definitely a keeper, and one to read over and over. (Nov., 355 pp., $15.00)

Debbie R. Sims

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