Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cover Art - Midnight Kisses - October 2010

A kiss at midnight. A love for all time?

His faith shattered by loss, Daniel Buchanan has built a cocoon around his heart, spending his days counseling troubled teens. But his life changes the night he meets Renée Walker. The dedicated social worker reawakens something in him, her kisses igniting a firestorm of desire that takes the widowed minister by surprise.

After being left at the altar, Renée isn’t ready to love and lose again. But how can she fight such a powerful attraction? Spending time with this caring, sensual man and his close-knit family is starting to make her believe in second chances. Alone together in a tropical sanctuary of passion and healing, will Renée and Daniel find the love they desperately crave?


Louise said...

Hi Wayne,
Thanks for the excerpt you do know this is a tease for your fan, a good one but still a tease. I am so loving that book cover and can't read the book. I have been waiting a long time for Daniel story.


Wayne said...


I'm glad you like the little morsel. Unfortunately, I can't give much more. I'm in the middle of editing/proofing and have to get it back to my editor by the end of the month. I'm as excited as you are to see it on the shelves.

Joy said...

I'm plenty late, but I didn't know men wrote for Kimani. Cool!

Stacey said...

Hello Mr Jordan,
I jsut wanted to say that Midnight Kisses was BRILLANT. I enjoyed every minute of reading this book. It made me want to read about what going to happen next. Are they going to have babies. Is he going to go back to his ministry? WOW OUSTANDING. THANK YOU FOR THAT BOOK.